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Businesses will have to adapt: ​​lawmakers demand use of universal chargers in Chile, analyzes


Mobile phone chargers are over-used around the world. The project stands out by maintaining a device-only entrance, so companies like Apple will have to adapt to this measure.

The Future Commission has begun analyzing projects to establish the use of standardized universal charger For various electronic devices and portable game machines.

The idea is that the universal charger will be applied as standard to all smartphones. Also tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and portable game consoles. Its standardized format is the USB-C type.

To allow marketers to take advantage of this new measure, the standard provides a two-year transition period from the issuance of the law.

Two details to consider

Undersecretary of Telecommunications Claudio Araya was present, according to a report from the House of Representatives.He noted, “It seems like a very good project that he hopes will become law.” There are two prevention methods I hope that it will be taken into consideration during processing.

First related is Specifies that the USB-C connector is a universal connector type. This is subject to change due to technological advances. “It can be specified in dimensions that indicate that sector authorities can approve an upgrade to a universal connector after a five-year validity period,” he specified.

Second, he argued that It’s good practice to define an exception in the USB-C connector type and provide alternatives for other devices.

It also exposed the electricity and fuel manager, Marta Cabesa. He explained that of his 830 million products certified in 2021, the largest number will be in the electrical sector. “Of that 830 million, 10 million will be related to mobile phone, tablet and computer chargers between 2020 and 2022.” correct.

Officials said they hoped the requirements and technical standards would not remain in the law as this type of product is being approved rapidly.

project data

In the context of the project, the authors currently Cell phone chargers are overcrowded.

As explained, today the There are two main operating systems. One corresponds to the company “Apple” and the other is known as “Android”.

add it Several brands of smartphones have decided to work with the latest smartphones and often those devices have the same input to receive energy recharge. Nevertheless, the company “Apple” stands out by maintaining a single entry for its devices.

The standard specifies that the input ports of new smartphone models are constantly changing. He details that this means buyers will need to update their chargers to the same.

emphasizes that The European Commission has submitted a bill with a mandate to implement universal USB-C type chargers for all inputs of such devices.

The motion was introduced to the House of Representatives by UDI Rep. Sergio Bobadilla, Rep. Felipe Donoso, Rep. Henry Lille, Rep. Daniel Lirayu, Cristobal Martinez and Rep. Flor Weisse.

Source: Biobiochile



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