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Lensa AI: A trendy app that creates ‘magic avatars’ from your photos. What are the risks?



Lensa AI is a trending app that costs around $4,000 to upload a series of photos of yourself and then generate original images from scratch with the help of artificial intelligence known on the internet as “magic avatars.” increase. The danger of using it lies in the right to use the results.

of artificial intelligence The technological space has been gradually taken over, an example of which is Lensa AI App produces a very original image of your face, but this can come with certain risks.

The application, which simulates portraits of various designs, has created such a stir on the Internet that the results have been described as “magical avatars.”

What is the Lensa AI app and its “magic avatar” and how does it work?

Lensa AI is an application (app) Launched in 2018, it seems to be like any other. however, artificial intelligence has been ranked as one of the most used in recent months.

This software creates from scratch a realistic and original image that resembles an anime illustration, taking into account your face, according to the artistic style indicated within the text, according to people’s requests.

to get eithermagic avatar ‘ must be downloaded first Lensa AI App , available for iOS and Android. Then upload 10-20 photos of yourself and a description to get results.

What are the costs? Yes. As the saying goes: nothing in this life is free and the platform charges $3.90 (around 4,000 Chilean pesos) per image.

What are the risks of using applications with artificial intelligence?

as shown trade,terms of service Lensa AI App Indicates that the user retains all rights to the user’s content.

However, we also make it clear that by using it you are also permitted, without compensation, to “use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works from, and transfer” the foregoing content.

why is it dangerous? Medium indicates that the AI ​​uses “Magical Avatar” Train yourself and transform it into data and information.

In addition to this, if the avatar is uploaded to a social network, the application owner has the right to use the avatar as an advertisement.

Source: Biobiochile

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