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Meta is exploring ways to replace Instagram from Twitter



Meta is the parent company of Facebook, the world's most used social network.  AFPMore

Meta is the parent company of Facebook, the world’s most used social network. AFPMore

Meta sees the current state of Twitter as an opportunity to create its own “microblogging” platform to rival Elon Musk in creating work based on the experience and technology already available on Instagram.

The tycoon has become the social network’s sole owner, and the chaotic image Twitter sends of its current executive director has caused an uproar in the world of digital platforms, with several already applying to succeed him.

This is the case with Mastodon, Tumblr, or more recent sites like Hive and Post. They provide a forum for sharing ideas and discussing people fleeing Twitter. Reached new user registration.

These turbulent times haven’t gone unnoticed by Meta, another leading social media company that owns Facebook and Instagram. In the very latter case, social network analyst and consultant Matt Navarra shares, it’s trying to launch an alternative to Twitter.

Navarra affirms that meta-workers are considering creating a Twitter competitor from a variety of approaches. Whether it’s the launch of the new Instagram “Notes” feature, the creation of text applications using Instagram technology, or the incorporation of her Twitter-like walls into Instagram.

It also gives the names of the features being considered, such as RealTime, Real Reels, and Instant.

Meanwhile, as shared by The Information, Twitter is considering changing the subscription price of Twitter Blue to $7 for the web version and $11 for the iOS version as a move to avoid the percentage. I’m here. Apple billing transactions for apps published on the App Store.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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