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Is streaming the future of video games? Experts think so



Experts say at CES 2023, the offer that systems such as the cloud can offer will ‘connect’ the worlds of film and TV with that of video games in a more organic and simple way than what a typical console can offer. I asserted that I could.

During the recent CES electronics fair in Las Vegas (Nevada), executives from cloud gaming companies Utomik, Blacknot and GeForce Now said: They ensured that the future of video games resembled the reality of streaming.

Andrew Fear, director of product management for Nvidia’s GeForce Now, says future gamers will: games on platforms similar to those of Netflix, Based on a subscription service that does not require any type of console.

Projects of this type are already being carried out by the aforementioned companies, but Utomik’s general director, Doki Tops, has foreseen the standardization of this concept and has decided to play on this type of platform within three years. We believe that the percentage of people who have Up to 80%.

Say goodbye to consoles?

Video game designers also don’t think consoles will ever go away completely, but they could be replaced by a lot of users, and in any case the companies that make these devices see their usefulness. I’m sure we need to redefine it.

Similarly, Daphne Parot, Director of Marketing at Blacknut, said from her point of view, the offer that could be offered was Cloud-like systems can “connect” the worlds of film and TV with those of video games In a way that is more organic and simple than what a typical console can offer.

Samsung’s Head of Gaming, Mike Lucero, chaired the panel during CES, the world’s largest technology trade show, which runs until January 8th.

CES, which had virtual face-to-face meetings with less impact than previous editions in 2022 as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, is experimenting with mixed formats again, but this time with more than 70% of them. final version.

In it, major technology companies, their representatives and small and medium-sized exhibitors will show the latest innovations they have been working on.

Some of the brands that are part of this hybrid (both face-to-face and virtual) are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Canon, Intel and Nikon.

Chilean arcade

But when it comes to that, arcades are picking up steam in Chile. These are large spaces where video game fans gather to meet friends and family in person, as well as access his network of gamers around the world.

In fact, with the esports boom, there are various communities looking for a place to host competitions and events.

“As Chile continues to make strides in removing paradigms from the gamer world, this belief that video game players are children and fans is lost,” said José Tomás Jaramillo, brand manager. Arena XPis a new gaming center opening at Mall Plaza Oeste in Santiago in January.

“Today, the concept has been professionalized with players who need more infrastructure and technology in the championship,” said Jaramillo, adding a mobile zone, eight console zones and 25 PC stations. , added about a new space with 5 private rooms for experience VIP groups, among others.

Source: Biobiochile

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