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NASA could replace the James Webb Telescope with ‘HWO’, an intelligent space observatory



Despite the fact that the James Webb Telescope provided a large amount of scientific material, NASA is already considering a successor. The new tech team will focus on searching for exoplanets and dark energy, and already has a preliminary name.

Since its launch, james webb space telescope He stunned mankind with incredible postcards of the universe, revealing never-before-seen details.

All the scientific material sent since the mission began in 2022 has been very useful, but the pot you already have an idea how to replace it.

Apparently, the space agency already has a very clear idea of ​​it. A few days ago, members of the American Astronomical Society exchanged views on this, and NASA revealed important details of James’ post-Webb era.

The successor to the successful space telescope already has even a tentative name. Habitable World Observatory (HWO), or Habitable World Observatory. like James Webb HWO It settles at L2, a gravitational balance point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

Replacing James Webb Telescope with “HWO”

NASA’s plan is great.of HWO , for example, have their own adaptive capabilities to improve their own equipment. This will allow new space observatories, including telescopes, to continue operating for decades with continuous and reliable improvements.

According to professional media reports chemistryHWO derives its name from the project’s main mission to find signs of life on planets with conditions similar to ours.

Even with all these details considered, the HWO project still lacks a design or technical structure. And most importantly, there is no specific budget to carry out these plans. As for the schedule, it is believed that HWO could be launched into space in the 2040s.

The launch of the Nancy Grace Norman Observatory, a 2.4-meter telescope aimed at “hunting” dark energy and exoplanets, is much more specific and closer in time. This stage he plans to implement in 2027.

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