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Experts warn of million-year-old asteroids that are hard to destroy: Are they dangerous?



Experts have determined that the rubble-mountain asteroid is nearly indestructible and has a very long lifespan. This is something that could be dangerous to Earth if it started its course towards the planet.

A new study released Monday describes the characteristics of a specific type of asteroid that experts at Curtin University in Australia have been studying. These rock bodies are very long-lived and difficult to destroy. End the survey.

These are asteroids that are piles of rubble, the durability of which is currently unknown. But for research, scientists analyzed a sample from one of these bodies.Its formation is approximately 4.2 billion years .

In particular, research Itokawa Asteroiddiscovered by the LINEAR telescope in 1998. Japan sent a spacecraft to follow it, and in 2005 it successfully landed for 30 minutes to collect samples. They arrived on Earth in 2010.

now, These fragments allow us to further elucidate what the Earth would face if this kind of asteroid started its orbit towards Earth. a phenomenon that has not yet been detected.

the study It claims to be as long-lived as this asteroid, with a diameter greater than 1 km. ”This is due to the cushioning properties of the rubble material, suggesting that the pile of rubble is less prone to breaking. once they are created.

They also conclude: more common than previously thought because some of them are found in the asteroid belt surrounding the solar system.

Experts Warn About Rubble Mountain Asteroids

again, They also determined that these space rocks could withstand the harsh conditions of open space. withstands the impact of small meteorites and debris from the space environment.

Scientists even calculate it They are ten times more resistant than those of the monolithic type It is so far known to last about 100 million years, much shorter than the 4,200 years estimated for Itokawa.

that’s why now Experts suggest a detailed study of these objects to prevent and prepare mankind in case of future collisions So far, such effects are considered unlikely, but not impossible.

In fact, planetary defense preparation and testing is nothing new. Space agencies such as NASA and ESA have already devised plans and protocols. If any kind of asteroid were heading towards Earth.

It should be remembered that NASA’s DART mission was completed in October 2021, successfully achieving its goal of sending a rocket to impact the Demorphos asteroid and deflect its orbit.

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