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They found a 7.6-kilometer meteorite in Antarctica: it’s the largest ever found on a frozen continent



Despite its small size, this meteorite weighs almost 8 kilograms, making it the largest ever found in Antarctica.

A research team from the University of Chicago and the Free University of Brussels We managed to recover the largest meteorite found in Antarctica weighing 7.6 kg .

as details statement of the portal Eurekalert!, This is one of the best places on earth to retrieve space rocks. It affected the earth.

And, like the desert, this ice-covered region is very dry, Erosion of loose things allows you to find these objects more easily with the plus that the rocks between the ice sheets are much more prominent.

A team led by Vinciane Debaille of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (FNRS-ULB). Collected a total of 5 small meteorites.actually The heaviest is slightly smaller than the average human head as seen in the photo.

However, due to its components, it reaches almost 8 kg, despite its size so far It is one of the largest ever found on a frozen continent. to date.

A special meteorite found in Antarctica

Maria Valdes of the University of Chicago, who also participated in the excursion, points out that it’s rare to find objects with these characteristics. she is”Of the approximately 45,000 meteorites recovered from Antarctica in the last 100 years, only about 100 are of this size. “, Explanation.

In addition, Details that size doesn’t matter in these cases “Even small micrometeorites are incredibly valuable from a scientific point of view. Of course, finding such large meteorites is rare and very exciting.”

Upon investigation, The five rescued meteorites were delivered to the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences this week. where they are studied and analyzed in detail.

“Studying meteorites helps us better understand our place in the universe. Larger meteorite sample sizes help us better understand our solar system Then we will be able to understand ourselves better,” concludes Valdés.

Source: Biobiochile

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