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From landscapes to gestures: the scenes and details of The Last Of Us just like in a video game



With just two chapters, the series was able to please video game fans with the same scenes as the original production.

Sunday, just two days before the series premiered Last of Usthe successful HBO adaptation that brought the most iconic scenes from the popular Naughty Dog video game to TV and streaming, released in 2023.

Now, from the hands of Pedro Pascal and Vera Ramsey, the characters of Ellie and Joel review the story to delight fans and interested in the game.

and that’s it It captured the public’s attention with just two chapters, making it the second most-watched premiere on HBO. dragon house arrived in August 2022.

Nevertheless, In addition to the interesting plot, what most captivated viewers was the series’ fidelity to the video game, as the similarities were infamous just by looking at the first scene. during both productions.

However, the first fan Last of Us They didn’t quite agree with Bella Ramsey’s choice as Ellie. The young actress knew how to capture and show the most important thing – the essence of the character.

These first two chapters had some moments that rivaled video games, but with the exception of the wardrobe and set design, they managed to capture this fictional post-apocalyptic world. The character has the same voice in Spanish from the series.

The same “The Last Of Us” scene as in the video game

Sarah’s death

The series begins with the prologue, which depicts Joel’s life before he contracted Cordyceps. Joel lived with his daughter Sarah and worked with his brother Tommy.

Later, we see Sarah lost in Joel’s arms, moments before she tries to escape the city in a van. encountered.

The moment of escape and Sarah’s death are the same as in the video game, Except for the details of the plane crash that caused the series crash instead of another car like the original work.

Ellie arrives at Joel’s apartment

Another nearly identical scene is the moment Ellie arrives at Joel’s apartment. There they are waiting for Tess to flee the walled city they had taken refuge in.

Both characters’ dialogue and actions are similar, such as the environment in which it takes place and the details of the clock, which apply positively to Joel’s emotional background.

Ellie, Tess, and Joel arrive at Boston Ruins

This also highlighted the moment when Tess, Joel, and Ellie travel through the streets of Boston and reach their destination. . In this scene, both the dialogue and the scenery are close to the original.

Death of Tess

This character’s death isn’t quite the same, but the previous moment in particular is the scene where the already infected characters ask Joel and Ellie to flee the horde without her.

Nevertheless, From HBO’s production added details of the explosion and Tess’ encounter with one of the infected. detects it and transfers Cordyceps to it.

Other details included in the series

The series also added other elements that video game fans quickly spotted. A crouching action that your character uses every time you take an item out of your backpack. .

Another detail that stood out wase Ellie admits in Chapter 2 that she doesn’t know how to swim. This is a recurring scene in video games. the player must also pass missions to learn to move and swim underwater.

The quarantine or evacuation zone of Boston is also very similar to the original work, with abandoned streets and attacks by “Firefly” groups. Watch Joel barter like a game .

It didn’t go unnoticed either. Ellie’s razor used to attack Tess in the video game When they meet, though in the series Joel stops her early.

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