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They warn that James Webb is collecting too much data for the number of astronomers studying it.



The telescope is currently producing 50 GB of data per day, more than astronomers can keep up with.

Since being commissioned in 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has achieved impressive results in both imaging deep space and gathering new data for astronomers to study.

but then Less than a year old, experts in the field warn that scientists cannot cope with the sheer volume of data the telescope is collecting. and send it to earth.

as reported report Massachusetts Institute of Technology Scientific Journal: Published by MIT, James Webb currently collects 50 GB of data per day. Compared to the 2 GB he’s collected by Hubble, it’s a staggering amount. for example.

The astronomer community working with this telescope has been preparing to analyze its data for years, but it seems that it is not enough. And scientists have even developed algorithms and formulas to process them more quickly and systematically.

again, There’s no stopping this, experts say, as multi-billion dollar jobs like James Webb’s must be tapped into as much as possible. .

“The worst thing we can do is let the telescope sit idle.

James Webb collects more data than scientists estimated

This means that even if astronomers deduce how it works, Even when the telescope got its first test data, it surprised the team by detecting hundreds of galaxies in one picture. .

“There were literally hundreds of galaxies.

Of course, this change prompted James Webb’s astronomical observations, but that is now too much to study. In fact, the data will be published once it reaches Earth, making it accessible to astronomers around the world. Still not enough.

they again, Initially, not all data were thoroughly explored. It wasn’t properly reviewed. “A new unknown has to be checked 10 times, 100 times. It wasn’t,” emphasized Emiliano Merlin, an astronomer at the Roman Observatory.

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