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Siri allows you to schedule actions and automations to run at user-set times



Voice assistant Siri.  / European Press.

Voice assistant Siri. / European Press.

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has implemented features that allow users to schedule actions and automations to occur at a specific time, or within a set amount of time, such as “within 30 minutes.” .”

Apple’s operating system’s update to iOS 16.3 arrived last Tuesday, along with the brand’s other operating systems. The company included several features that bring users the comforts of home with home-connected devices and voice commands directed to Siri.

In this sense, Apple introduces a new feature of Siri to the smart home. Until now, voice assistants have allowed users to request voice actions to be performed at the same time. However, with the update, Siri will be able to schedule actions and automations to run at a later time specified by the user.

For example, as Apple explained on its website during the HomePod (2nd generation) announcement, users can ask to turn off the kitchen lights at 10pm. Similarly, you can program daily actions to be performed by voice alone, such as raising the blinds each day when the sun rises.

Additionally, when a user requests these programmed actions, they can be found in the “Automation” tab within Casa’s “Apps”.

This new feature works on both HomePods and other devices. It can also be used with the new second-generation HomePod announced by the US company, which launched last Friday.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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