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China Brings Soil Samples To Earth From Far Side Of Moon: What Are They Looking For There?



The Asian nation has been exploring the far side of the Moon for four years and is now preparing to bring samples to Earth.

China plans to step up its lunar exploration program this year, including: Chang’e 6 plans to bring 2 kilograms of sample from the far side of the moon to Earth future.

Quote source Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration program at Xinhua, added that the Chang’e 6 mission is expected to complete the sample return task. Chang’e 7’s mission includes landing on the lunar South Pole and detecting water resources.

The Chang’e 8 mission will launch around 2028 and will work with Chang’e 7 to build a basic model of a scientific research station at the lunar south pole. Airship, Wu pointed out.

Launched in 2020, Chang’e 5 was China’s newest lunar mission. Their rover recovered a total of 1,731 grams of soil samples from the far side of the Moon.

What are the hidden aspects of the moon and what does China want from the moon?

common name The “backside of the moon” is just another face that cannot be seen from the earth due to the phenomenon of “synchronous rotation”. This allows us to see only one side of the satellite, which rotates in the same amount of time the satellite rotates around the Earth.

China is known for having an ambitious monthly curriculum, The Chang’e 4 mission first surveyed the area in 2018. Specifically, the Von Karman Crater in the Aitken Basin, the Moon’s oldest impact zone.

Until then, The Moon’s Hidden Dark Side Was Uncharted Territory But now China is collecting samples that will allow us to elucidate what this satellite’s past was like and its formation up to what we know today.

Additionally, it could test or refute scientific theories that suggest that the impact that formed the Aitken Basin traversed the lunar crust until it reached the mantle.

Source: Biobiochile

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