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Free-access science platform to help search for extraterrestrial life: how to get in?



People from anywhere on Earth can join the platform to help classify data in search of extraterrestrial life.

It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. A scientist at the University of California (UCLA), in collaboration with NASA’s SETI program, has developed a freely accessible online HIS platform to enable citizens around the world to help in the search for extraterrestrial life. bottom.

A few weeks after being active, there are already 47% completed projects on the platform. ZooniverseIt has existed since 2007 and serves as a ‘citizen science’ portal that fosters collaboration for scientific discovery.

I have a project “Are we alone in the universe” that users can enter to help classify data It will greatly contribute to the search for extrasolar life.

And that, contrary to popular belief about the search for life on other planets, Scientists studying space science do not rule out its existence And to this day, there are various programs that work on it.

In fact, the initials of the SETI program correspond to this phrase. Search for extraterrestrial intelligent life/Search for extraterrestrial intelligent life responsible for the development of several projects on the search for life in various ways.

this program, There is even a team of scientists evaluating and planning how humans will communicate with aliens. For inquiries.

How to search for extraterrestrial life?

To participate in online projects, visit the platform or download the mobile application,[プロジェクト]Go to the tab and selectare we alone in the universe?”.

You can find information and frequently asked questions about the project in case you have questions about the origin of your data or the ultimate destination of your categorized information.

As detailed on the official website, More than 9,000 volunteers have already participated in the program and have successfully classified nearly 250,000 data. But what does this classification consist of?

This system allows users to An image showing an interfering wave or signal something from outer space.

This way you can determine what type you are in order to speed up your scientific search. after that, Experts take these classified images, focus on the most interesting and continue deep search.

The platform also has a tutorial and help tab in case you need it to identify more complex waves.

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