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Pinterest implements tools that let you report boards that promote pedophilia



Pinterest will implement two tools that allow users to notify the platform of the existence of boards that promote pedophilia. sexual comments.

Pinterest, as described on the website’s platform, is a visual discovery engine used to find ideas such as recipes, home and style inspiration. Collect images from other users and place them on your board.

As NBC News recently shared, the platform, via its recommendation algorithm, has been able to create boards containing images of minors performing their everyday activities, with comments of a sexual nature and pedophiles intercepted. Allow users to create

The media created a Pinterest account and conducted a study examining hundreds of accounts created by girls and their follower pages.

According to NBC News, it is legal to create billboards using images of this kind and to attribute sexually-oriented or suggestive titles to them, so the platform will act to neutralize these illegal activities. I remember not being able to run

You can’t retaliate against these types of actions, but as our analysis confirms, the recommendation engine itself is the one that exposes minors in adult searches, so Pinterest doesn’t allow this type of photo gallery. We are advertising.

Although the content is “innocently publicized,” some users have used it “to generate sexual interest in children,” explained Stephen Sauer of the Canadian Center for Child Protection.

Like NBC News, Sauer followed a similar strategy, finding this type of recommendation from children on message boards with images of minors. At the time, he warned that some of them had received “sexually suggestive comments.”

To illustrate the issue, NBC published the case of a user on probation who joined Pinterest after being released from prison after serving 27 years for attempted murder. After being contacted by the TV station, he deleted his three billboards containing images of girls from his profile.

pinterest act

According to a statement collected by Europa Press, the platform recalled that they prohibited “any kind of conduct that sexualizes minors” and “exploits or endangers minors.” It claimed to have a “strict policy of not tolerating possible content.”

This ensures that if they detect that “a user has stored a collection of harmless or non-sexual images in a manner that could be viewed as contributing to the sexualization of minors,” they will immediately Among them are removing boards and blocking users.

To mitigate this problem, the platform has announced two new tools. One of them allows users to report boards and the other introduces additional categories of reasons for reporting users of this service.

Youtube, similar cases

It should be remembered that this case is similar to the case revealed on YouTube in May 2019. In this case, blogger Matt Watson warned that pedophiles are contacting each other in videos of minors performing their daily activities due to flaws in her algorithm on her recommendations for YouTube videos. . , In addition, it was monetized.

These individuals took advantage of the algorithm’s so-called “wormholes” to force the algorithm to recommend non-sexual videos of minors in what was considered a low-level pedophile network. It encouraged the spread of inappropriate comments and the possibility of exchanging messages on the platform.

In this connection, YouTube has taken action, removing the videos and channels that were immersed in the above-mentioned pedophile network, and denouncing the illegal activities committed by these individuals. Finally, he disabled comments.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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