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‘YuMi’, a robot that cooks and plays Jenga, arrives in Santiago’s subway: which station is it and how to see it



The “YuMi” robot, an acronym for “You and Me”, a device designed to help humans, arrived in Chile this week and is on display in the Núñoa metro.

this week, ‘YuMi’ robot lands in Chile, installed in Santiago subway to share with public and demonstrate its capabilities And that the device can interact with humans to support tasks and even hang out.

Yumi Coming from Switzerland, in question, Created in 2015 ABB allows them to work side by side with humans in light assembly tasks in laboratories and other industries. But it goes further.

Actually here too In Italy he conducted a music orchestra with Andrea Bocelli. coffee served at Selfridges in London and Bloomingdales in New York; And ice cream, at a robot ice cream parlor in Australia.

The robot has arrived in the country within the framework of the exhibition “Destroying the Myth of Collaborative Robots” organized by the Swiss Embassy in Chile and Santiago Metro.Launched this Friday morning Nuñoa Station is still open to the public.

He showed up on the subway this morning, but the time to visit him is March 10-15 4:00pm-8:00pm a passenger can come nearby, interact with him, and ask questions of the engineer accompanying him.

How does the “YuMi” robot work?

YuMi is one of the first robots with “collaborative” technology, which started to be implemented in 2013. was not a pioneer of this method, It was “the first to be a fully integrated system with two arms, basically trying to emulate a human being.” ABB automation and robotics engineer Camilo Navarro commented in a conversation with BioBioChile.

Likewise, its main features are security and its small size that allows greater mobility. “It will basically be a portable unit that has never existed in previous industrial robots,” the expert added.

The system can also guide it. Has touch capabilities and responds to programmed tasks “You can grab an arm, position it, and basically teach a child to do it,” he says.

And he made it clear with a sample. Played with several participants, handed them dominoes and waited for a human reaction to complete your task.

In addition, it is practical because after finishing a task, it can be easily transferred to a cart to perform other tasks, and it is compatible with common electrical systems, so all you have to do is plug it in .

A robot that shatters myths

Unlike other machines in the industry, YuMi is a fairly friendly robot and does not completely replace the work done by humans. rather accompany them.

“When they started saying that automation would eventually replace humans, it was always a very romantic myth.

“What it comes down to is tremendous accuracy and repeatability. 1 millimeter can be divided into 100 and that’s reach The margin of error is 0.001 millimeters every time we put it in place, which is very small in practice,” he adds.

He’s not going to take someone’s place. he will work with you and wait for your reaction. I won’t do anything until I wait for your interaction,” he concludes.

Source: Biobiochile

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