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Betelgeuse, the first star to see humanity die: What will happen?



Betelgeuse was the first star whose changes were witnessed by humans, and scientists estimate that Betelgeuse has reached the end of its cycle and will soon become a supernova.

Betelgeuse is a red giant star in the constellation Orion. So far, he is the ninth brightest object visible in the sky and is relatively close to Earth, about 700 light-years away.

The star has been in the news for the last few years. It became the first human being to witness the change. And that scientists were able to capture how it started to disappear.

Similarly, ancient studies suggest that humans in other eras witnessed stars of different colors than the stars we see today, which may indicate earlier changes. .

What happened to Betelgeuse?

One event in particular In 2019, Betelgeuse recorded an explosion that lost some of its brightness. So the scientific community began to speculate that the star could soon explode into a supernova.

But that It could be tomorrow, it could be a million years from now If so, it would take hundreds of years for that light to reach Earth, so even humans couldn’t see it.

In the first example, it was theorized that the decline in the star’s brightness was related to the eruption of gas that condensed into a dust cloud that eventually masked some of its brightness. rice field.

However, a study conducted at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile found that We determined that cold regions of the star drove this outgassing, dimming some of its brightness while also producing this dust cloud. according to reported by the BBC 2021 years.

The latter explains why 2022 has regained some of its brilliance For this supposed cloud has dissipated and only partially covers the star. According to the Hubble Telescope, this information was collected. reported by NASA.

“These new observations provide clues as to how red stars lose mass at the end of their lives as their fusion reactors burn up before exploding as supernovae,” the statement said.

What would happen if Betelgeuse exploded as a supernova?

It should be remembered that stars are born and die, and their death culminates in an explosion called a “supernova,” which ejects gas outwards and creates clouds of striking colors.

To achieve this goal, however, Stars are spaced millions of years apart and go through different phases Betelgeuse is now a “red giant” with 20 times the mass of the Sun and 1,000 times the size.

After the red giant process, the star explodes in a supernova explosion and becomes a neutron star or black hole. Or it could be a white dwarf or a planetary nebula, depending on its mass and size.

But this curious star is 10 billion years old. relatively young red giant There’s still time to go outside and explode.

How to find it in the sky?

What many people don’t realize is that while this particular star is quite old, I see you in the night sky every day Specifically, one of Orion’s brightest corners.

A simple way to identify it is Searching for the Star Group “Three Marias” , forming a row of stars that is very prominent in the firmament and is the center of the constellation Orion. Later it will be enough to look for some more shiny corners.

Source: Biobiochile

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