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Spoilers | Raw and Heartbreaking: This Was the Season Finale of ‘The Last of Us’



The first season of the series ended with a bitter chapter that divided opinion among fans and left Joel as the perpetrator of the massacre.

We had a blast with the season finale this Sunday night Last of Usthe video game-inspired HBO series that ushered in 2023, starring Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Pedro Pascal (Joel).

And the duo took on the network trend during the series, moving both those who played the video game and those who knew the story when it came to streaming.

This first season had nine episodes of over 40 minutes each and was positioned as one of the Series of the Year for its reference to the game and the quality of its characters.

But how does it end, and what can we expect from the events that accompany this ending? The first part of the series ended like the first part of the three-part video game Last of Us, The Last of Us Part II and The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Is there a cure for cordyceps?

Any chance of saving humanity by developing a cure for Cordyceps has been completely blown. Joel’s decision to save Ellie from her life-ending surgery a, instead of saving thousands.

His actions were highly questionable, but he understood that his impulsive decision had something to do with his past, when he lost his daughter, which is the place Ellie currently occupies in his heart. to make the audience sympathize with him.

This chapter also once again shows the emotional side of this character.

Remember, Joel is considered one of the best-written characters in video games. In fact, this is him one of the most awarded in the history of gaming. His first part alone received 11 statuettes, and in 2013 Troy Baker voiced Joel, winning the Spike Video Game Award for “Best Performance”. because of his character.

Responsibility for playing Joel now falls to Chilean actor Pedro Pascal. Pedro Pascal remained true to the character, and he even had the support of Baker, who said that no one was the best fit for the job.

“The moment I found out Pedro was cast, I was like, ‘Well, this is bulletproof.’ And I couldn’t imagine a more careful hand for Joel,” he said.

Why isn’t Ellie immune?

Another important point the story makes us aware of in this ending is about Ellie’s immunity.

In one scene, Marlene explains to Joel: A fungus mutated in the brains of minors for which reason she insists that she undergo surgery.

However, it’s still unclear what her immunity is due to, but it’s theorized that it may have something to do with her mother, who is also seen in the chapter played by Ashley Johnson, who was Ellie in the video game.

it turned out to be Her mother was bitten by a clicker shortly before giving birth, which could explain why Ellie was not affected by the fungus. but considering that he was born just seconds after being infected, that theory loses support.

The lies that ended ‘The Last Of Us’

This will be one of the aspects that will affect Ellie and Joel’s relationship even more in the future, as it means a big lie that will be difficult to maintain in the next chapter.

and that’s it Out of his zeal to protect and save Ellie, Joel hid the truth from her. actually told him that Firefly stopped looking for a cure.

At first, however, Ellie was incredulous about the situation and asked Joel to assure her of such, causing him to repeat the lie.

what is the result of this in a video game It is the key to the end of their relationship and Joel, and it will awaken Ellie’s thirst for revenge in the future.

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