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Brain week is actually language week this year



About language from the humanities through neuroscience to artificial intelligence

This year’s Brain Week will focus on linguistic expression. Language reflects our understanding of the world, language affects psychological characteristics and determines gender identity. With language, a person communicates not only with a person, but also with artificial intelligence.

This year’s Brain Week takes place between March 13 and 17 under the slogan At the end of the tongue. “Language is a companion that accompanies us throughout our lives, with which we learn and transfer knowledge,” say the Guba organizational team, which this year is led by two female psychologists Erika Škerlj and Lara Grouse. “Speech begins to develop with the birth of a newborn. Probably, everyone is most impatiently waiting for your first word with a baby,” adds the developmental psychologist Ljubica Marjanovič Umek. The first word is usually spoken between 9 and 16 months of age.

According to the president of the Slovenian Society for Neuroscience Synapsa Boris Roglje language is crucial for human interaction and social life, which is also important for brain health and function.

In the first days, lectures, workshops and screenings will focus on how different humanities view the phenomenon of language, such as they are anthropology and ethnology, and how the development of language in an individual is defined by psychology. In the following they will experts also talked about brain damage, the influence of language on the expression of gender identity and about artificial intelligence, among other things.

In a week they will also held workshops at which they will participants can learn about sign language and communication with gestures. Action they will concluded with a round table where the word will flow about medical hypnosis and its potentials and limitations.

Slovenian Brain Day, which is celebrated every Wednesday in the third week of March, will be dedicated to the most current topics in neuroscience recently. Among others they will the lecturers paid attention to new discoveries in the field of the use of psychoactive drugs substance in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and neuropsychiatric consequences covid– 19.

Brain Week is an international campaign involving various organizations around the world. Every year, in the third week of March, many events take place that aim to raise awareness among the lay and professional public about the benefits of research and knowledge of the nervous system for individuals and society. In Slovenia, the campaign takes place under the auspices of the Sinapsa association, on whose initiative we have also been celebrating Slovenian Brain Day since 2016, which encourages the public to take better care of brain health.

According to the words they arecoordinator of the social health promotion and protection program A healthy mind in a healthy head Lane Blintz Brain Week plays an important role in generating public interest in various aspects of how the brain works. Brain Day reminds us that mere interest, although necessary necessaryis not sufficient at the same time, because despite all its advances, science still does not offer solutions for most disorders in the functioning of the brain.

Source: Rtvslo

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