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In Flight: Ingenuity Helicopter Captures Mesmerizing Mars Sunset



NASA Ingenuity in the United States has taken a photo of the Martian sunset from the sky. The photo was released just days after Rover Her Curiosity captured a bizarre sunset view of the sun’s rays penetrating the clouds of the red planet.

helicopter Originality and ingenuity of pot of Mars We captured this spectacular image of a crater sunset Jezero Photographs of the Red Planet using his high resolution color camera.

This image was taken on February 22, 2023, during Ingenuity’s 45th flight, reportedly the first controlled flight-powered aircraft in the Otherworld. pot.

Ingenuity’s high resolution color camera is positioned 22 degrees below the horizon. As such, the images sent to NASA from the 1.8-kilometer helicopter are primarily focused on the ground, looking for interesting geological features and potential obstructions.

Occasionally, however, part of the Martian sky is visible in one of the photos. The helicopter captured an image like this on her 45th flight, but the frame featured an even more unusual star: the sun.

The picture shows the Sun just above the horizon with hills in the distance on Mars day 714 in Ingenuity. The glowing rays of light in the photo help illuminate the alien landscape of Jezero Crater’s undulating sand and rocks, making it look like a photo you could take in the deserts of Earth.

Ingenuity continues to fly short distances around Mars’ Jezero Crater, collecting data well beyond its lifetime.Helicopter arrived on Mars aboard a rover Patience NASA’s landing on Jezero in February 2021

The maiden flight will take place two months later in April 2021, initially commissioned with only a few test flights to demonstrate its pioneering technology. However, after exceeding NASA’s expectations, Ingenuity’s mission was expanded to serve as the Perseverance rover. Perseverance searches Mars for signs of ancient life and collects samples for a future return to Earth. Ingenuity has flown a total of 46 times so far, taking his cumulative distance to 10.1 km.

Flights 45 and 46 occur on February 22 and 25, just three days apart, and flight 47 is scheduled to occur at any time.

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