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Scientists are about to create the first experimental wormhole in the quantum lab



Quantum scientists are working to create one of the first practical applications of quantum technology, in the form of a wormhole that actually “teleports” small objects.

First working project in the lab wormhole It was presented by the University of Bristol, which acts as a bridge between the universe and the interior of the universe.

Through an innovative computer scheme published in the journal quantum science and technologyUsing the fundamental laws of physics, this “reverse transport” technique can reconstruct small objects through space without particles passing through them. Among other things, it provides “irrefutable evidence” of the existence of a physical reality that supports the most accurate description of the world, reports the University of Bristol. release.

Physicist Hatim Sally, author of the study, emeritus researcher at the university’s Quantum Engineering and Technology (QET) Institute, and co-founder of DotQuantum, explains: It provides a theoretical and practical framework for re-examining enduring mysteries about the universe, such as the true nature of spacetime. “

The need for a detectable information carrier that moves as we communicate is a deeply held assumption among scientists. For example, a stream of photons across an optical fiber or through the air allows people to read this text. Or indeed, the myriad of neural signals bouncing around the brain.

The same is true for quantum teleportation. Star Trek , which transfers complete information about a small object, allowing it to be reconstructed elsewhere, making it indistinguishable from the original in a meaningful way, and collapsing. The latter guarantees underlying restrictions that prevent perfect copying. In particular, Google’s recent simulation of a wormhole in his Sycamore processor. It’s essentially a teleportation experiment.

Hatim said: Countertransport achieves the ultimate goal of teleportation: intangible transport, but surprisingly, it does so without a detectable information carrier moving through it. “

Wormholes became popular in hit movies Interstellar His team included a physicist and Nobel laureate Kip Thorn but they emerged about a century ago as a brilliant solution to the gravitational equation Albert Einstein like a shortcut in the structure of space-time.

However, the task of defining a traversable wormhole is to make space separably traversable, i.e. without traversing observable space outside the wormhole.

Counter-transportation challenges

This pioneering study proposes a method to accomplish this task. “To achieve counter-transportation, we need to build a completely new type of quantum computer: exchangeless, where the communicating part does not exchange particles,” explains Hatim.

“Unlike large-scale quantum computers that promise dramatic speedups and that we still don’t know how to build, the promise of swapless quantum computers, even at the smallest scale, is to perform seemingly impossible tasks such as counterportation. It’s about making it possible: space and time.”

Working with leading British quantum experts in Bristol, Oxford and York, it is planned to physically build this otherworldly sounding wormhole in the laboratory.

“A near-term goal is to physically build a wormhole in a laboratory that can be used as a testbed for competing physical theories, including quantum gravity,” Hatim adds.

“This research will be in line with the multi-billion dollar companies that exist to witness new physical phenomena, such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Resources Our hope is to eventually provide remote access to local wormholes for physicists, physics enthusiasts, and enthusiasts to explore fundamental questions about the universe, including higher-dimensional beings. is to do.”

Source: Biobiochile

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