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Samsung user accuses ‘Space Zoom’ of taking false pictures of the moon: It would be abusing AI



Samsung users have accused the latest Ultra models of 100x space zoom exploiting AI to improve high-resolution photos of the moon, making the device stand out.

This isn’t the first time Samsung’s ‘Space Zoom’ has been embroiled in controversy due to its incredible accuracy and skeptics. Currently, a Reddit user tested the Samsung S23 Ultra and found that Your device may be abusing artificial intelligence (AI).

The South Korean company introduced this feature to its camera with the S21 Ultra, citing sharp photos of the moon as an example that it believes to be the work of the lens. reach up to 100 times (100x target).

Samsung in question, exposed on his official blog In addition to its “optical zoom, The Space Zoom feature is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can stitch multiple frames of the same image into a single photo. ”, to improve its resolution.

However, some users claim that: You can go even further by letting this AI intervene in images taken with Space Zoom. which was demonstrated in some tests.

Are Samsung Space Zoom photos fake?

A viral post about this Samsung tool was published on Reddit by a user. @ibreakphotos spread rapidly on the platform, The Bargefor example.

for your proof This user downloaded a high resolution image of the moon and edited it to look blurry with no detail Craters, moonspots, etc. I then used the Samsung A23 Ultra to take a photo of that image using space zoom.

I also duplicated the blurry images and placed one on top of the other to see if the zoom AI improved one or both. The result was a more detailed image that was basically non-existent. .

“Samsung uses AI/ML (a neural network trained on hundreds of images of the moon) to get/add textures to the image of the moon. Some believe this is the power of his camera. But it really isn’t,” he concluded in the post.

There are no craters in any frame because they are intentionally blurred, but the camera miraculously knows they are he asks.

Samsung assures that the quality of its photos is due to the “objective tele camera with two lenses (one with 3x optical zoom and the other with 10x optical zoom)”. In addition, an AI that stitches frames together.

at this point the company didn’t mention it but this Reddit user wasn’t the only one who noticed this zoom detail, and it may be deceiving users.

Source: Biobiochile

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