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Wasn’t it a special effect?: The Last Of Us production used a real giraffe in the final chapter



Contrary to what fans of the series thought, HBO production did not use special effects for the giraffe scene in “The Last of Us.”

An unexpected detail in the final chapter of the first season of Last of Us It caused surprise among fans of the series. This is his one of the most memorable scenes in video games currently being captured in HBO productions. Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) meet a giraffe .

A majority of viewers believed that Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) was used for the animal’s appearance, but the truth is A real giraffe was featured in the production of the series, and the CGI only fell into the scenery behind it .

This is made clear by new images of the recording set shared by HBO. in fact, Last of Us HBO Max shared an additional video revealing details of the filming of the final chapter.there they talked “Turnip” Kirin who participated in the recording.

Production Designer John Paino commented: Cub is part of the Alberta Zoo in Canada , where the series was filmed. Additionally, in order to record that scene, they had to travel to the location, cover the entire cage with a blue blanket, and put the CGI behind the giraffe.

Giraffe scene from The Last Of Us

Why is the giraffe scene in The Last of Us important?

When the video game was released in 2013, professional media and fans of the game agreed that the giraffe scene would be one of the most important in Ellie’s history and life.

It should be remembered that in the previous chapter, a minor had a difficult experience that was close to sexual abuse, so she was shocked and marked before and after her character.

At the beginning of Chapter 9, we see that she is very quiet and deep in thought until she meets Kirin, who makes her day happy and brings out her inner child again. I got

others, It’s also possible to see Joel grow closer and more emotional towards her meaning that his bond has finally reached a parental relationship, which he later shows, leaving his rudeness to express his feelings.

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