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Apple designs a system to protect foldable phone screens when dropped



iPhone 12 Pro / Archive Photo Europa Press.

iPhone 12 Pro / Archive Photo Europa Press.

Apple has yet to introduce foldable versions of any of its mobile devices, but it has devised technology for such devices that detects a fall and folds to prevent significant damage.

The tech company uses sensors inside phones or tablets with foldable or roll-up screens to detect “vertical acceleration to the ground” and determine if the device has been dropped. devised a system to

What this system detects is a fall to activate a mechanism that keeps the device from at least partially closing and the screen from hitting the ground. This is explained in the text of the patent published in US Patents and Trademarks this Thursday. office.

“Even folding the screen at an angle of less than 180 degrees provides some protection as the mobile device may hit the edge instead of the screen,” the company explains. In the case of the roll-up model, the screen is recovered when a fall is detected.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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