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Megalodon, Meteor, and UFO Attacks: Hyper-Realistic Simulations Taking the Internet by storm



YouTube users have gone viral thanks to a series of realistic 3D simulations that show what a giant animal attack on a ship, an explosion in space, a UFO and dinosaur visit, and even a crashed plane might look like. rice field.

Internet users wowed the network with a series of videos created using the tool Artificial intelligence (AI) displaying hyper-realistic simulations But somewhat apocalyptic.

Ship-eating megalodons, nuclear bomb detonations, chases between cops and sports cars, and even astronauts showing flat Earth from the moon are some of the records shared on social networks.

Ultra-realistic simulation using the Internet

Over 250,000 followers on Instagram @aleksey__nbut with over a million subscribers

Meanwhile, the most-watched video on his channel uses AI and realistic 3D effects to simulate what would happen if an asteroid hit the moon while looking at the satellite through a telescope. shows what you can see.

more eye-catching videos

These internet works may even be sold by their creators on the sites Rarible.com or Opensea.io (web pages for buying and selling “artistic” works created online known as NFTs).

In it, he also shows a video simulating a plane losing part of its fuselage in a crash and what would happen if a Perseverance rover witnessed a UFO landing on Mars.

Source: Biobiochile

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