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Apple may be developing a foldable iPhone with a special drop mechanism



Apple will bet on a new smartphone model, developing the first foldable iPhone.

New rumors are circulating about Apple and its famous iPhone. Now in a folding version you can arrive using an intelligent system in case of a fall According to media reports insiderApple will register a new patent for this smartphone.

the outlet points to it On March 16th, Apple registered a patent entitled “Technology for Screen Protection Using Automatic Retractable Display Devices and Fall Detection.” which in Spanish translates to: Automatic retractable device with drop detection screen protection technology.

others, The patent will be accompanied by an illustration of this new smartphone design which exhibits folding functionality similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Flip.

Foldable iPhone to prevent falling?

Given this clue, the medium assumes: Apple would already be developing this new iPhone to protect the screen, it features a drop detector plus that closes the device if it falls and hits a surface.

Things to remember Rumors of Apple’s foldable smartphone have been circulating for several years but this is one of the most reliable evidence of a possible sale in the future.

Although some people argue that An iPhone like this would be far more expensive than anything we know today. You may reach a small audience or even fail to sell.

Nonetheless, the brand is known for its high prices, and the iPhone still lists as one of the best-selling smartphones in the world so far.

foldable iphone

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