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Despite initial success: Hogwarts Legacy players drop from 879,000 to just 62,000 on Steam



Data available on Steam shows a steep decline in player numbers for Hogwarts Legacy on PC, despite the game’s initial success and positive reviews upon release.

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Studios made a satisfying account after launching the Hogwarts Legacy video game, based on the universe created by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter saga. However, a month and a half after its release on February 10, his number of active users on Steam plummeted from his peak of 879,000 to his just over 60,000.

this is, steam databasealso registered just 99,171 players at its peak last week, but as he recalls game runthad up to 527,652 players at launch (although figures for other platforms such as Playstation and XBox were similarly undisclosed).

At the time, it broke records and became the best-selling video game of 2023, garnering positive reviews and going viral on social networks due to a campaign critical of the views of fans and authors.The transgender community. About Saga.

according to taleothe massive drops may be due to it being a single player game how much beatIt takes an average of 42 and a half hours to complete, doing side missions and the main story.

That is, unless players attempt to do a “completionist” run (which can take 65 hours or more to complete), most fans who bought the game at launch have already finished the game and You are most likely playing another game. Many recently released titles.

However, Steam figures also question whether this is the reason behind the drop, with only 24.9 players achieving the “Hogwarts Heroes” achievement achieved by completing the main story. %, causing controversy among gamers. Fans and analysts reveal. game radar+.

In this sense, GameRant expects the numbers to continue to decline until some event, such as Hogwarts Legacy’s price drop or expansion, causes them to rise.

Source: Biobiochile

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