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Influencer Amoranth creates AI with his own voice to ‘meet the needs’ of his fans



Influencer Kaitlyn Siragusa, known as Amouranth, created an AI to allow fans to request personalized messages from her. This platform is expressly designed for content intended for an adult audience.

aka “influencer” Amoranth announced that it would be powered by its own AI to allow fans to create overtly racy, personalized voice messages in exchange for money.

Caitlin Siragusa Amouranth, whose real name is Amouranth, is a content creator, cosplay model, and businessman who made a name for herself through Twitch and Onlyfans.

These sites have achieved great success through high-visibility distribution and uploading content to adult sites, generating billionaire income.

The business proved so lucrative that he decided to continue expanding the types of adult content he delivered to his followers. This evolves with the help of artificial intelligence.

This is because he provides his own voice through this tool. “Responding to Fan Needs” is a gamble to try to get even more subscribers and donations.

“A Burning Question”

In a recent statement quoted by desertedinternet figures showed that: “and AI AmoranceFans will have instant voice answers to any hot question. ” is also a member of Eternal Voice AIa voice platform created using AI and composed of Telegram bots.

This bot is already available, through which you can interact with virtual celebrities and receive personalized voice notes.

The tool also allowed him to send on the memory site Twitch. taleo– Influencers are used to attract fans to the OnlyFans page.

Voice memos can be customized, so they are directed at sexual content, as Amoranth said the aim of the AI ​​is to satisfy all fantasies of its followers.

Source: Biobiochile

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