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Android 14 will let you hide cloned apps



The possibility of cloning applications on Android comes true with version 14 of this operating system, which also adds new features such as the option to hide the same cloned ‘app’ from the work profile.

The work Google will be doing with Android 14, the new version of the operating system coming out at the end of the year, will include application cloning, or native duplication of the “apps” that users want to use. For example, use two different accounts, one for personal use and one for work.

The novelty started appearing in the Android Open Source Project in 2021, but as expert journalist Mishaal Rahman has already reported, the company rolled it out to the first beta for Android 14 developers in February. has been incorporated.

Well, this feature is brand new in Beta 2 of Android 14. That’s the possibility of hiding cloned applications in his work profile, as reported on his Twitter profile. With the option to hide cloned apps, the user can use his two accounts with apps that appear in their personal profile.

What is not introduced is the icon change, which remains the same in both the original “app” and the cloned app.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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