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Father and Son Sues Nintendo for Using Mario Kart Tour as ‘Casino’: Boy Spent Over $135,000



Nintendo is facing a lawsuit seeking a full refund of payments made by a minor in the United States by gamers and their fathers, alleging that Mario Kart Tour’s “spotlight pipe” feature is illegal.

Nintendo has been sued by a young gamer backed by his father, who accuses the video game giant of resorting to gambling casino-like tactics involving microtransactions on its mobile app Mario Kart Tour.

Specifically, the plaintiff used his father’s credit card to spend $135,000 worth of Chilean pesos on a racing video game.

For this reason, we are asking the company to refund all minors who used the “Spotlight Pipes” feature, which allows players to earn random rewards. Axios.

The scheme “used and encouraged gambling-like addictive behaviors,” he said, adding that minors were particularly vulnerable to such tactics.

as he remembered Kotakuthe controversial feature was discontinued in 2022 and replaced by the Store, which began charging premiums for perks rather than relying on chance.

In the lawsuit, the father and son allege that Nintendo designed Mario Kart Tour to be particularly difficult to navigate without paying, leading players to rely on chance-based mini-games. They argue that the act violates Washington’s consumer protection law and California’s commercial law.

Axios recalls that this is not the first lawsuit of its kind. Last year, Take Two Interactive faced a lawsuit over microtransactions in NBA 2K, which ended in a partial victory for the developers, but in December last year, U.S. authorities paid Epic Games a $520 million stake. Fined, owning Fortnite, and leading players to unintentional microtransactions.

Source: Biobiochile

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