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ClaroVTR data center will be Chile’s largest expansion with 3,000 square meters



To position Chile as a regional hub or technical conference base, ClaroVTR will expand its data center in Riley, Collina with an additional 3,000 square meters. This ensures broader protection and reduces the risk of data loss or exposure.

of data center These are features for shared access to applications and data across network, compute, and storage infrastructures, and help ensure data security and availability.

To this end, ClaroVTR has announced plans to expand its data center in Relay, Colina.is about 3,000㎡ room added to 2,000㎡ already exists.

on the first thursday 1,000㎡ The remaining space continues to be developed, with the exception of some new facilities.

For this reason, they play a key role in developing the digital economy and positioning Chile as a technology hub at the regional level.

he Alfredo Parot, ClaroVTR General Manager “With this huge investment, we will ensure that domestic companies and enterprises have access to the best and most competitive digital services available in Chile and the region,” stressed the company.

“This data center is world-class and has achieved the highest safety and sustainability standards and certifications in terms of energy efficiency, waste management and environmentally friendly construction, in line with our vision of sustainable development. I do,” he added.

Facilities meet high standards and are certified Tier IV and LEED BD+C Data Center . Thanks to this, its performance translates into efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, ensuring better utilization of energy resources.

As a result, the ClaroVTR data center has been integrated into one of the largest data centers in Japan. In the words of the company’s general manager, “This investment will directly contribute to strengthening Chile as a regional digital hub.”

Economic Impact of Technology Investments in Chile

According to an IDC consultancy report, Chile’s data center total meters are 71.31% Compared to 2018, it is projected to increase from 36,200 square meters to 50,763 square meters in 2023. The figures above reflect growing interest and demand for the service.

he Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel highlighted the increase in technology investment in the country over the past period and called for it to continue to increase in the coming years as it is relevant to the regional and global economy and has synergies in other sectors.

“What we have to do is reduce the uncertainty and solve the outstanding issues, thereby creating a favorable environment for projects like this to come to fruition,” said the head of financial portfolios. That’s it,’ he said.

“After these investment decisions, many parties, especially the private sector, are awaiting decisions specific to the authorities and legislation. The steps we take into the future depend on whether we start walking today,” he added.

on the other hand, Juan Carlos Munoz, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications “This month’s telecom highlighted the importance of digitalization in people’s lives and how the Department of Transportation and Communications is working to reduce the gaps that exist so that no one is left behind.” pointed out.

“This kind of infrastructure not only enhances the country’s digitalization process, but is also a contribution to the local commune and its inhabitants,” the official stressed.

Source: Biobiochile

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