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AI Reaches Government: Treasury Adopts ChatGPT Service



The Government Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance has contracted OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus service with a budget of up to about one million pesos, emphasizing that it will use it for its text generation function.

government laboratories Ministry of Finance contracted for platform services Chat GPT Plus of Open AI justified that the artificial intelligence platform is “a dialogue-specific, tuned language model with supervised reinforcement learning techniques based on the GPT-4 model.”

as reported The thirdthe purchase order was issued on the open market on May 17, with a maximum budget of US$1,250 (996,000 pesos), a license obtained from Flex SSS SpA, a term of 12 months, and an account of 4 It is one.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence model that processes large amounts of data and text to learn patterns of human language. Therefore, the platform detects patterns and contexts to provide consistent persuasion on different topics for writing articles, summaries, reports, solving logic problems, and generating content such as poetry, music, and stories. You can generate powerful text.

The version is free to use, but according to the website, ChatGPT Plus’ standard subscription will cost you $20 per month (16,000 pesos), or 192,000 pesos per year. However, the license contains technical advice provided by third parties.

They noted that the Treasury “needs to hire” ChatGPT, which will work with the Treasury’s joint work to facilitate the production of consistent documents. Analysis and extraction of information. A revision of a line of programming code. Among many other uses.

They also emphasized that the platform will be used during periods of high demand, improving response speed and allowing priority access to new developments and features, LT said.

Treasury receipt

ChatGPT has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its launch a few months ago, but it has also raised concerns about the sensitivity of the data it uses.

In this regard, Orlando Rojas, executive director of the Government Research Institute, stressed that the platform was “adopted as a useful tool for text review and generation.” A revision of a line of programming code for the web platform. The overriding focus is on communicating an understanding of generative artificial intelligence to public officials working with laboratories to understand its uses and risks. “

“Regarding confidentiality and as a precautionary measure, government laboratories will not process personal or sensitive data on our platform,” the finance official said, adding: “We believe that both ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools can optimize time and resources through process automation, directly impact services provided to the public, and improve productivity in the public sector. I believe it is useful and effective.”

“For this reason, as the agency responsible for facilitating the public innovation process, we must be pioneers in analyzing the impact of these new tools and their potential use within the public sector,” he said. concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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