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Blizzard is working on AI tools to generate concept art for video games



call of duty.  / European Press.

call of duty. / European Press.

Blizzard Entertainment trains an artificial intelligence (AI)-based image generator to create concept art for game environments and save time.

Blizzard’s design director, Allen Adham, should have shared information about the effort back in April of last year, when he mentioned the solution, called Blizzard Diffusion, an AI engine from OpenAI that creates images with the technology. A Stable Diffusion) has revealed that it can: “Awesome” them with their abilities.

“We are approaching a major evolution in how we build and manage games,” the manager said in an email sent internally and recovered by The New York Times.

In this communication, Adham explained that Blizzard has trained an image generator on its own video games (Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo) to easily create concept art for both title settings and characters and costumes. I explained that I made it possible.

In a letter sent to the developer’s employees, he described a possible tool for “autonomous and intelligent in-game” non-playable characters (NPCs), assisting in designing levels for the game, and cloning voices. Wizards, etc. are also mentioned. tool.

The development of this image generator comes after Blizzard abandoned its patented machine learning techniques for creating environmental textures such as stone and brick.

According to Andrew Guerrero, the company’s vice president of Global Insights, the company insists on spending that time doing more productive and creative work, and developers are doing too much to make this tool effective. reportedly retired the tool because it took too much time.

“Our goal is to eliminate repetitive, manual processes and allow artists to spend more time creatively. Our goal with AI has always been and will continue to be It’s about facilitating such work,” Guerrero said in a separate statement sent to the aforementioned media outlets. .

The paper also recreated another communication in which Activision Blizzard’s director of technology, Michael Vance, would have warned employees not to use the company’s content or intellectual property using outside image generators. bottom. “These tools carry new and unknown risks and we will continue to use them cautiously to avoid fraud,” Vance said in the email.

Although the technology has generated some skepticism, according to The New York Times, video game developers already trust AI to allow non-playable characters to make decisions similar to humans. It points out that Furthermore, they argue that generative AI can improve the creative process in video game development.

An example is the Ghostwriter case. This is the tool Ubisoft uses in their video games to generate script lines for non-playable characters and adapt them depending on the context in which the action occurs.

343 Industries, the research institute behind the development of the Halo series, also believes that generative AI could improve game development by reducing creators’ effort in developing open-world games.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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