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Backbone One: PlayStation Begins Control To Play From Android Devices



This Tuesday, Sony launched the PlayStation Backbone One for Android, which allows remote play of console video games from mobile devices.

Sony Announced this Tuesday BakBone One PlayStation Edition mobile controls for users android had already been released for iOS.

All this after the company confirmed the positive reception of the device for Apple smartphones.

The announcement also confirms the device’s launch on the same day, coming a day before Sony’s PlayStation Showcase revealing the future of its video console.

With Backbone One, gamers can use the PS Remote Play app (Remote Play) on both PS4 and PS5 to connect and play on their consoles on the go.

“While using the PlayStation app, players can double-tap the option button on the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition to easily access the app. Landscape controller-based navigation is also supported. release.

It also points out that it works with Google Play and App Store games, as well as other streaming services. You can also play with other services that work with your controller.

Source: Biobiochile

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