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Samsung decides to keep Google as default search engine instead of switching to Bing



Samsung, citing concerns about how this change would be perceived and how it might affect its relationship with Google, decided that instead of replacing Google with Microsoft Bing, it would be the default search on its devices. Decided to keep it as an engine.

The South Korean tech company is considering replacing Google with the Microsoft Bing search engine and, as we learned in mid-April, has implemented it as the default search engine on its devices’ web browsing applications.

This is due to the novelties that Bing presents based on OpenAI artificial intelligence (AI), among which the ChatGPT chatbot implementation and Bing Image Creator, an image creation tool based on the Dall-E model, stand out. I’m here.

For Google, it saw the move as a “significant threat” to its search engine business and focused on “bringing new AI-powered features to search,” Google spokeswoman Lara Levin said at the time. explained. Specifically, we started implementing a redesign of how the search engine works in a project internally known as “Magi”.

In early May, at its annual developer event, Google I/O 2023, Google shared plans to give users a new search experience based on generative AI.

Within the framework, the South Korean company has decided to abandon these planned changes and keep Google as its primary search engine, according to statements from people close to the matter collected by The Wall Street Journal.

Specifically, the company’s concern about how the market will perceive this change appears to have made this decision. As the newspaper highlighted, it also takes into account the impact of this change on the relationship between Samsung and Google.

Officials said Samsung initially suggested switching to Bing because most users of devices under this brand do not use the internal internet application in favor of other browsers, such as: , explained that it was assumed that there would be no significant impact. As Google Chrome, it is also pre-installed on Samsung smartphones.

However, this doesn’t mean Samsung will completely abandon the option to change the browser, it also shows that it can keep it as an alternative in the future.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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