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Humane: a device that replaces smartphones



Humane promises to be the future of mobile devices, but no longer in the form of a smartphone or tablet, but as a projection in the palm of your hand, giving instructions and assisting with your everyday needs. This invention, recently demonstrated by its creators, is supported by several major technology companies.

In a TED Talk last Thursday, the Humane founders said: Imran Chaudhry and Bethany Bongiorno presented a vision for the future of everyday technology. Humane is a device that projects onto various surfaces like the palm of your hand, an interface you can interact with.

A former Apple employee, designer, and former head of software engineering each gave live demonstrations of how this “wearable,” which uses artificial intelligence to act as a personal assistant, works.

“This is a new type of wearable device, a platform built completely from the ground up for artificial intelligence,” Chaudhri was quoted as explaining. retrograde. “And it’s completely independent. You don’t need a smartphone or other device to pair it.”

It is assumed that specialized media will operate on cloud services, as they do not need to be connected to smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

“Floating” screen

A video of the presentation shows the executive holding the device in his chest pocket, touching it with keywords, and responding to voice commands or hand gestures followed by them.

“Imagine this: You’re in a meeting all day and want to get an overview of what you missed,” Chaudhri says, pointing to the device and asking about it. . In response, you’ll see updates about your emails, calendar invitations, and messages.

It also demonstrated how the device projects the screen onto the palm of the hand, such as when receiving a call.

Another use of this technology, related to artificial intelligence, is the integration of cameras to record what is in front of us. In a demonstration, he brought out a chocolate bar, but before the device warned him that he shouldn’t eat it due to cocoa butter intolerance.

“What’s great is that the AI ​​knows what’s best for me and I have complete control over it. I’ll eat it anyway,” he joked. AI replied, “Have fun.”

It will also be possible to translate sentences that the wearer recites in real time. Chaudhry later revealed that the device said the words it repeated in French. Artificially reproduce your own voice with machine learning.

He said: “The experience is screenless, fluid and responsive, allowing you to stay in the environment while accessing the power of computing, achieving a balance that previously felt out of place.”

magazine Tequios Recall that this “startup” raised nearly US$100 million last March from various tech giants including Microsoft, LG, Volvo, and Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI and creator of ChatGPT.

With this support, Chaudhri said: “The future is neither in your hands nor in your face. The future of technology can be virtually invisible.”

Source: Biobiochile

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