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Chilean astrophotographer breaks his own world record: 440 kilometers photographed



Chilean astrophotographer Roberto Antezana has set a new photographic world record by capturing images from 440.5 kilometers away.

photo taken in 440.5 kilometers away is a new record retrieved by Roberto Antezana taken from the 2,780-meter-high Champaki Hill in Cordoba, Argentina, pointing to the top of the 5,960-meter-high El Plata Hill near Mendoza, Argentina.

The feat was done earlier this month with fellow professional Gabriela Volmer. “Remote photography consists of depicting a point far from Earth and registering it against the curvature of the planet into the image,” Antesana explains.

“We chose the location because of the vast pampas that stretch between the Andes and Córdoba mountain ranges, which geographically extend to hundreds of kilometers,” the astrophotographer added. .


The challenge took two adventurers seven days to travel, they said. University of Chile, a research house where an astrophotographer works as a research assistant in the Faculty of Astronomy: “From the time we started the trip to the time we returned home it took us a week. The weather conditions were difficult, but we dealt with them happily and the results were pleasant.” . This milestone was validated by his DalekieWidoki and his DalekieObserwacje, European Geographical Organizations that use advanced technology to validate images of this type.

The previous world record in this field was set by Antezana himself in 2016. There he shot a 438-kilometre shot and also captured Cerro el Plata, also from the Cometingones Mountains, also in Cordoba (Argentina).

“Performing this kind of action allows us to marvel at the geography of our planet and opens the door for us to look far, to see beyond the ordinary,” says photographer Gabriela Volmer. says.

Antezana is a research assistant at the University of Chile’s Department of Astronomy, where he is distinguished for his contributions to photography of the universe and supernova discovery.

Record in Chile

Our country also has long-distance photography landmarks, the current record is 372 kilometers. View of Marmorejo Hill in the metropolitan area, also created by Antezana, from the hill of Keuiken in the Nuble area.

Meanwhile, in Chile, Gabriela Volmar set the women’s world record for long-distance photography by marking 346km from Cerro Name (Cauquenes district) to Tupungato volcano (capital area).


The two photographers hope to continue this kind of activity in the future, and their next goal is to capture images within a range of 400-420 kilometers from the Eublé region. “We are going to make it this year, but we need logistical support and funding to do that,” concludes Antezana.

Source: Biobiochile

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