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ChatGPT Comes to Windows 11: Introducing Copilot, a Virtual Assistant Powered by Artificial Intelligence



Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Tuesday announced Windows Copilot, an artificial intelligence (AI) “personal assistant” for Windows 11. In his keynote address at his Microsoft Build developer conference in Seattle, Washington, Nadella emphasized that the tool can empower users. Users will be more productive and Windows Copilot will be accessible from the sidebar.

This Wednesday, Microsoft announced Windows Copilot, a virtual assistant based on an artificial ChatGPT for Windows 11. It is accessible from the sidebar and can work with other applications of your operating system.

This was reported by Ars Technicarecalled that the tech company was previously one of the main promoters of OpenAI, also incorporating artificial intelligence-powered progenitors into its Bing chatbots.

Copilot asks users to adjust device settings, open and close apps to reorder windows, summarize and retype text, as shown in a video , works as instructed by the user.

Panos Panay, senior executive and product manager at Microsoft, explained in a statement: “Once you open Windows Copilot Sidebar, it stays constant across all your apps, programs and windows, and is always available as your personal assistant.”

Turn any user into a power user, take action, customize settings, and connect seamlessly through their favorite apps.

According to Agencia Efe, the new tool won’t directly replace the Windows 11 taskbar’s search bar, but co-pilots may be asked to change PC settings, such as lowering screen brightness. .

Age of AI

Nadella stressed that we are now in the “AI era” and that Microsoft will announce 50 new products at the conference.

Among other announcements, he said that the company’s web search engine, Bing, is now built into ChatGPT for those who subscribe to its paid version, ChatGPT Plus, and will be enabled “soon” for all ChatGPT users. emphasized that

Additionally, Microsoft 365 Copilot now supports plugins or extensions such as Teams messaging extensions, Power Platform connectors, and tools that use ChatGPT technology.

Finally, Nadella emphasized that the purpose of technology, and therefore AI, is to “achieve growth in the Human Development Index.”

“We want life expectancy to rise, education, prosperity and living standards everywhere. That’s why we build and innovate. That’s why technology exists.” he concluded.

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