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Bill Gates Predicts: I Believe AI Will Kill Search Engines Like Google And Amazon



The artificial intelligence race has already begun, and Bill Gates’ vision sees a tipping point when some company develops a personal assistant that will replace stores like Amazon and search engines like Google. deaf.

bill gates, co-founder of microsoft The company, a prominent company in the technology industry, Artificial intelligence (AI) kill search engines like Google and digital stores such as Amazon As soon as someone could position a good personalized assistant commercially.

“What matters is who wins the personal agent (or assistant) race, because[with this]you never go back to search sites, you never go back to productivity sites, you never go back. “Because it’s gone, it’s going back to Amazon,” Gates predicted during a Goldman Sachs event in San Francisco.

As quoted by an American chain CNBCThe businessman explained that AI assistants will be able to “read what you don’t have time to read” and get information without going to a search engine.

Gates didn’t dare to say who the winner of this “race” would be, but said, “It would be disappointing if it wasn’t Microsoft, but several startups, including Inflection, co-founded by the former Deepmind. I’m surprised,” he said. Executive Mustafa Suleiman.

He already anticipated Google’s problems when he quoted on the podcast. business insider He said he expects the company’s profits to decline as AI advances by Microsoft, a major backer of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, rise.

But there is still a long way to go for this to happen. According to Bill Gates, this achievement may still be a long time away, so in the meantime big tech companies can focus on generative AI, as is already happening. prize.

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