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Google disables built-in translation feature in older versions of Chrome



Google has started disabling the built-in translation feature in previous versions of the Chrome browser, so some users may not be able to access the feature and see “This page could not be translated” errors. There is a nature.

Google’s browser has a built-in feature that can be very useful, especially when visiting foreign web pages, to instantly translate words, phrases and entire websites into over 100 languages. In this way, technology companies make it easier for you to understand what is going on when you browse the Internet.

However, as reported in a statement through Google’s help page, Google started disabling translation in previous versions of Google Chrome.

In this sense, the company reported that users using Chrome versions 95 and earlier may encounter the error message “This page could not be translated” when attempting to use the integrated translation feature. I’m here.

Google also details that users will need to update their browsers to at least Chrome version M96 or later to continue using Translate. The framework warns that if the user can’t update to her M96 version, they won’t be able to access the browser’s translation feature.

However, as an alternative solution, the company also reminded users that they can still use Google Translate on the web.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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