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Matrix glitch?Airplane ‘frozen’ incident recorded during flight



It’s a complete illusion, and many people report it. You’re on the ground, you’re living quietly, but a plane is passing overhead…and you’re not moving forward. It doesn’t seem to move at all. It just exists, in an incredible state of aerial paralysis. It seems strange and impossible, but there is an explanation for it.

A video that seems to be posted on SNS has caused confusion on the Internet. The plane “freezes” in the air. Reactions range from innocent jokes to elaborate conspiracy theories.

This illusion is common and seen in various cities around the world, especially near airports and in moving cars.

One of these incidents was reported by a user identified as Tania on TikTok, who added that she witnessed the same thing happening many times in Chicago, USA. “A glitch in the matrix?” commented on this, referring to science fiction films that speculate that the world is actually a digital projection.

@tania.draws Matrix glitch?This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this in Chicago # glitch sematrix #fyp ♬ Eerie, quiet and scary piano music – Skittlegirl Sound

YouTube user Savage Mister, meanwhile, said he saw it emerging from an airport in Dallas, Texas.

The phenomenon is fascinating and strange to the eye, but has already been explained by experts such as pilot and flight instructor Magnar Nordal. Quora.

“If the plane is flying straight toward the observer, or if it is flying slowly in a strong headwind, it can appear stationary in the air,” he explains, adding: Added an anecdote. A strong headwind. ” The front was strong and moved in the opposite direction against the ground.

But conspiracy theories persist.

“Airplanes can’t stand still…yes, it’s definitely a glitch (in the Matrix),” one commented. “We saw one near an Air Force base in Washington DC two weeks ago,” added another.

“I saw it a month ago with my daughter and I thought we were going insane,” another woman added.

Others gave more realistic descriptions. “It’s called parallax, and it’s the perception that the position of an object changes depending on the observer’s position,” one said, while another added, “Parallax, it’s an optical illusion!” .still moving Physics in action!

Source: Biobiochile

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