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Light in the Sky: Scientists Successfully Create Artificial Northern Lights



They launch the necessary chemicals in their rockets and when they come into contact with the atmosphere this wonderful phenomenon occurs.

every year, Sweden Scandinavian countries such as , attract thousands of tourists to see one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. Aurora. The formation of light is the so-called “Solar wind” When mixed with nitrogen, oxygen and other atmospheric elements, it emits spectacular and intense hues of light.

But when the solar wind reaches larger dimensions, it can do damage. For example, say: magnetic storm When particles interact with the magnetic field of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This could damage space infrastructure and hamper important technological projects such as bringing the internet into space via satellite networks. star link (The company lost dozens of satellites in a massive geomagnetic storm in February 2022).

So you should better understand the call “Space Weather” , including solar storms. The purpose of inducing artificial auroras is therefore to collect data so that we can ultimately predict the formation and behavior of solar storms.

make light in the sky

But how do you make an artificial aurora? A few weeks ago, the Swedish Institute for Astrophysics launched a rocket that reached an altitude of about 240 kilometers and ejected eight barrels of barium. Upon contact with elements in the upper atmosphere, The soft metal ignited and changed color, creating a green cloud.

The data collected during launch is expected to help prevent damage to satellites used for weather monitoring. But above all, it is intended to give satellite space missions a greater degree of certainty that they are immune to solar storms.

So far, information from the Swedish artificial north authors has already helped calibrate instruments and cameras.

Therefore, ‘space weather’ will be more accurately observed, and perhaps in the near future will be able to predict anomalies in the solar wind reaching the Earth’s atmosphere.

Source: Biobiochile

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