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President Maduro assures Venezuela will prepare to send astronauts to the moon in China



President Nicolas Maduro has promised that Venezuela will train astronauts to send to the moon after signing various cooperation agreements with China.

During his visit to the Asian giant, the Venezuelan president emphasized that progress had been made on various issues after talks with his Chinese counterpart. Xi Jinping.

Specifically, President Maduro celebrated the enhancement of bilateral relations. “A foolproof strategic partnership” ”, which shows that Caracas can reach the moon.

“The day’s work was a complete success. The meeting with President Xi Jinping lasted three and a half hours. “We’re going to the moon.” He said this in a video recorded from the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

“We have declared that we will operate the association as a strategic association whenever and wherever possible. “What we’re trying to do is go to the moon to a great venue for China and Venezuela.” He added the recording was uploaded to social networks.

President Maduro has vowed that a special commission will aim to prepare Venezuelans to travel to the moon with Chinese-funded intervention.

“The Subcommittee on Science, Technology, Industry, and Aerospace Cooperation will become a symbol of that sooner or later.” Arrival of the first man and first Venezuelan woman on the moon “I was on a Chinese spacecraft,” he said.

“As we discussed with Chinese aerospace authorities yesterday, very soon, “Venezuela’s young people will be preparing to become astronauts here at the Chinese school.” he pointed out.

In a declaration jointly signed between the two countries, Caracas and China pledged to cooperate to: Accelerate progress in space projects.

“The Chinese side welcomes the Venezuelan side’s participation in the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) cooperation project,” the document states.

“Both sides highly appreciate the conclusion of the aerospace macro cooperation agreement between the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the Venezuelan People’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MINCYT),” he added.

Meanwhile, China and Venezuela will “promote the progress of cooperation projects in areas such as communication satellites and remote sensing satellites, lunar and deep space exploration, with the aim of promoting the improvement of aerospace and the development of the national economy.” showed enthusiasm. Ryogoku. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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