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Nasa: We have found no evidence of extraterrestrial origin of UFOs



Nelson: The chances of extraterrestrials visiting Earth are very slim

The American space agency NASA has presented the results of research on unidentified flying objects. The head of the agency, Bill Nelson, said that the expert committee found no evidence of extraterrestrial origin of these objects.

NASA officials said that unexplained phenomena are rare, but researchers often don’t have enough data to reach accurate, scientifically based conclusions. They added that the majority of cases of sightings of unknown aerial phenomena can be explained quite rationally – they are mostly airplanes, balloons, drones and other similar aerial vehicles, weather phenomena or even garbage such as plastic bags.

According to NASA representatives, there is therefore no reason to conclude that extraterrestrial actors are behind such phenomena, but they cannot definitively and irrefutably exclude this possibility, as there is still a small number of completely unexplained phenomena.

Nelson said that, in his personal opinion, life exists elsewhere in the universe, but that the chances of extraterrestrials visiting Earth are very small.

Deputy Chief of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Nicola Fox said that unknown aerial phenomena are “one of the greatest mysteries of our planet”citing the lack of data as the reason, which makes it impossible to draw scientifically supported conclusions.

Eliminate the stigma that accompanies UFOs

Fox and Nelson also announced that NASA will appoint a new director for the investigation of unknown aerial phenomena, who should ensure the establishment of a reliable database and their evaluation. However, they did not want to reveal who was supposed to take over this position.

Fox also mentioned that they want to create a plan for the future study of unknown aerial phenomena, explaining in the report how artificial intelligence could help researchers to do so. She also emphasized that they want to eliminate the stigma that accompanies unidentified flying objects, as pilots often do not want to report the unnatural phenomena they observe.

The debate on unknown aerial phenomena also took place in the lower house of the US Congress in July, which indicates a serious recognition that the sightings of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, at least in the US, deserve consideration at the highest government levels, foreign press agencies report. At the time, however, many questioned the sense of such discussions.

Source: Rtvslo

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