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What is the mysterious “golden egg” discovered in the deep sea of ​​Alaska?



The only certainty about Alaska’s golden egg is that it is biogenic.

Scientists are continuing to try to decipher what a mysterious golden “egg” discovered on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Alaska on August 30th is. It is currently stored in ethanol on the research vessel Oceanus Explorer.

Once researchers have completed mapping the area, they can send samples to smithsonian museumSam Candino, expedition coordinator, told Live Science. However, he did have one detail that researchers were able to identify. That is, this sphere is of biological origin.

The discovery occurred in Side of an extinct submarine volcano 3,200 meters deep National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Alaska Seascape Expedition.

“The golden orb, likely an eggshell, captured the imagination of many observers,” NOAA said in a message on social networks. D.W..

You can use eggs or sponge.

While scientists are researching deoxyribonucleic acid Observers of online exploration of the object joked that it could be an alien egg or a chocolate candy wrapper.

oval object It’s about 10cm wide , it had a small hole at its base and appeared to be attached to a rock.The main theory is that the Golden Orb An egg case of an unknown species or being a type of sponge.

mystery of the dark sea

It is still unclear why the orb is gold. “Natural light doesn’t penetrate to this depth, so it’s often difficult to determine why certain colors appear.” . It may have something to do with the chemical composition, it may be a happy coincidence, or it may be a fashion statement,” says coordinator Candino.

This discovery highlights the unknown biodiversity of the world’s deep seas and the importance of scientific exploration.

Source: Biobiochile

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