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Santander and Systema B launch new edition of “Measure what matters” program with 300 SMEs



This initiative aims to help SMEs across the country measure their impact on the social environment.

For the purpose of facilitating the way Small and medium-sized enterprises Thursday for a more sustainable economy Santander and NGO Systema B Released a new edition of “Measure important things” program A case where a company can identify social and environmental performance in addition to its respective risks and opportunities for improvement.

After signing up for the program 300 companies were selected from all over the country on this occasion .. After participating in “Measuring Important Things”, their group participated in launch activities, including discussions sharing their experiences selected from the previous year.

Please note that this is the first face-to-face event hosted by Santander after the start of the pandemic.

in this case, Fernando Benito, Manager of SME Segment, Banco Santander He emphasized his lasting interest in supporting SMEs beyond financial products. Santander Prospera Digital Current Deposit ..

“We reaffirm our commitment to the company and its business and hope to be the partners they need to continue to grow,” he said.

For that part, Zdenka Astudillo, Executive Director of Sistema B Chile Through this program, he commented, “We encourage companies to look back on their connection to the environment and measure themselves so that they can move towards a more sustainable and responsible economy with the planet.”

The program, which runs between May and August, assumes that participating companies will have access to exclusive content. Complete impact assessment including measurements in the areas of governance, environment, clients, workers and communities B .. This will give you a score that will give you an idea of ​​how close you are to certification.

finally, 50 best performing companies move on to Phase 2 So they can identify and generate a roadmap for potential improvements where they can start working on social and environmental performance.

At the annual level, Approximately 40 new companies certified by System B in Chile Concentrated in more than 210 of the 4,500 B companies in the world.

Through this initiative, Santander was able to help 300 SMEs know if they could become a B company. This is what a company sees as an essential long-term investment for economic development and the future of the company. In Chile.

Source: Biobiochile

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