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Indap’s director emphasizes the creation of a committee to ensure the availability of healthy foods



This case, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, will be responsible for developing a national plan to ensure food availability for Chilean households. “Strengthening and supporting the work of local producers and farmers with the right incentives is an effective way to tackle contingencies and long-term challenges,” said Indap. The authority, Santiago Rojas, said.

From Ramoneda Palace on Thursday, National Committee for Food Security and Sovereignty Instance of Public-private character Initiative Faculty of Agriculture ..The Agricultural Development Institute (Indap) Participate in the task through it National Director, Santiago Rojas ..

This summons a variety of actors Agri food chain Develop and implement a comprehensive short-term, medium-term, and long-term countermeasure plan. Guarantee the availability of healthy and quality foods in Chilean homes ..

“”It is the world’s producers of rural and farmers who supply the large quantities of food consumed at the national level. .. Therefore, strengthening and supporting their work with appropriate incentives is not only an effective way to confront contingencies, but also to address the long-term challenges of food security and sovereignty. Method.

“Even though it accounts for 25% of the population, we are at a turning point because of the significant loss of rural areas, so it is important to embody this action. Today, we will change its course. If you decide that It not only promotes the availability of Chilean food, but also addresses the economic, social and environmental problems of farmers. Added Santiago Rojas.

Similarly, he emphasized, “The start of the construction of this plan shows the government’s commitment to strengthening the government.” Farmer family farming This was also revealed through various concrete measures to maintain the afforestation intent we are already implementing as Indap. The National Committee for Food Security and Sovereignty promotes a coalition of all parties with a focus on strong support in rural Chile. “

Along with Minagri and its services, the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Labor, Health and Foreign Affairs make up the workbench. In addition, organizations such as the House of Representatives and Senate agricultural committees, organizations, associations, farmers’ federations, co-operatives, private sector representatives, FAO and IICA participate.

The group develops a national plan for food security and sovereignty through the formation of subcommittees to address issues such as food availability, access and logistics through a schedule that includes various stages.


Source: Biobiochile

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