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Minister Marcel advances heavy agenda for tax reform and confirms announcement date



Treasury Minister Mario Marcel said, “Because there is a strong agenda in front of us, it is very difficult to take this first step based not only on our beliefs but also on the ideas that came from these dialogues. It’s important. “

During the day of this Friday, the Minister of Finance said Mario Marcel, He is the government Tax reform Where they are working.

The announcement was delivered by Ramoneda after the President Gabriel Bolic After receiving, deepen tax reform The result of social dialogue.

It was an instance organized by Ministry of Finance Representatives of social organizations, communities and business communities attended.

“We announced the results of social dialogues that took place nationwide for over a month and a half.” Marcel celebrated.

“Add to this Technical table The place where a concrete proposal was made about the content itself Tax reform “, continue.

“this is, Tax system organization, It was presented by the Under Secretary at our recent ceremony, “he said.

On the other hand, in the set Specific reform budget Also included in this report They are on the social dialogue website. “, He pointed out.

“The next most important step is June 30th. Where tax reform is presented as a whole, From there the project is submitted to Congress. “, He added.

Tax reform project

Authorities announced: “It will be more than a single project for the entire tax reform.”

“I have a project that contains all the topics Income tax, tax evasion and avoidance. On the other hand, there is a project Mining fee I have a suggestion later Corrective tax, Reported the authorities.

Will be added to this Regional Revenue Bill, “This has been a long-standing issue in Chile and is now Constitutional debate Marcel pointed out.

Source: Biobiochile

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