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Peru attended the Exponor Mining Fair: “This is a very important event in the region.”



With support Promperú, Commission for Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism Under Peru’s new sectoral country brand, 10 Peruvian companies have announced their offer at this important trade fair.

In 2021 Mining Peruvian Efficiency for Mining Participated in recognized sector brands in neighboring countries to promote the delivery of Peruvian solutions and services Mining ..

And this year, this quality seal Exponor 2022, Peruvian Pavilion at the International Exhibition of Technologies and Innovation for the Mining and Energy Industries Was held in Antofagasta this week.

Twelve companies in Peru have shown their industry-related products and services in a new edition of Latin America’s most important mining trade fair.

For Julio Polanco Pérez, Peru’s Commercial Economic Advisor, Chile The event is essential and “on our line it is very important not only to have supply opportunities, but also to be able to resume relationships with decision makers such as mining sector experts. That is exactly what they participated in. That’s why. Not only for the Peruvian delegation, but also for identifying new trends. ”

“This is a very important event in this region of the mining sector, except for the fact that it gives us the opportunity to introduce a brand in a new sector called Made in Peru, and the comments from the participants are very positive. It’s a target, “he said. He said.

Peru shared its global leadership in copper exports with Chile and developed solutions to some of the current problems of Chile and the world’s mining industry, especially in countries such as Canada, Africa, Bolivia and Mexico. Was the basic actor of. And the United States.

When asked about the relationship between Peru and our country, he said: We have a common challenge and have the opportunity to share our experience and find the best solution. ”

“It must be recognized that Chile has a very important experience in the development of the mining industry. Due to the geographical diversity of Peru, suppliers offer solutions of different heights and different soil qualities. I had the opportunity to develop it, and that experience was brought to Chile at this expo, except for material innovations, “he said. ..

When talking about the commercial ties between the two countries, he said: “Despite this stage of imprisonment, commercial dynamism has been maintained. With over $ 3 billion in commercial exchanges, Chile was the first issuer of tourists from Peru in the long-standing tourism industry. At one point, there were 122 flights a week, but now there are 72 flights a week and they are recovering. There is also a bigger relationship in agriculture. The agricultural sector in Peru as well. Many Chilean investments have been introduced for. “

Peru develops competitive and sustainable solutions using innovative materials that increase durability and reduce costs through geographic diversity and abundant multi-metal mining.

Thus, they have established themselves as one of the leading suppliers of silver (1st), copper (2nd) and molybdenum (3rd) worldwide.

The purpose of Peru’s presence at this mining event was to create an alliance and commercial synergy.

On this line, the main products exported to Chile’s mining industry and offered at Exponor 2022 are balls and bars, sulfuric acid, mechanical and wear parts, wear parts, pumping equipment, equipment, parts and accessories. ..

Source: Biobiochile

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