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Brazilian police claim: The killer acted on his own



The tragic end of Dom Philipps journalist and activist Bruno Pereira

Brazilian police say brothers Amarildo and Oseney da Costa de Oliveira acted on their own in the murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous activist Bruno Pereira in the Amazon jungle earlier this month.

Police stressed Yes the killers did not receive the murder warrant “from above “, thus they try to silence all louder hints, Yes it was an ordered assassination within an organized crime group, reports the Guardian, which Phillips reported from, among others, Brazil.

The bodies of both men are after an 11-day search along the river Itaquai found on Wednesday. The killers buried them in a densely forested area two hours away from the nearest town.

Indigenous groups are outraged by the killings.  Photo: Reuters

“The investigation suggests Yes the perpetrators acted alone, without a client or criminal organization behind them, “ the Brazilian federal police said in a statement.

However, they said Yes “there are indications Yes other people were involved in the crime “ in Yes can be, Yes more arrests will follow.

Pri Univaji skeptical

Indigenous group Univajawith whom Pereira worked and whose contribution to the search operation was crucial, accompanied the police statement with doubt.

The group has sent a series of reports to the police in recent months detailing the presence of criminal gangs operating in this remote part of the Amazon, from of which some members are associated with detained suspects.

“The cruelty with which the crime was committed shows Yes Pereira and Phillips became an obstacle to a powerful criminal organization that tried in every way possible to erase its traces during the investigation,“the group said in a statement Univaja.

The search took 11 days in the jungle.  Photo: Reuters

“It simply came to our notice then. Yes it’s not just two executioners, but an organized group that planned every detail of this crime. “

Police arrested the brother in connection with the double murder on Wednesday Amarilda in Autumn Yes Costa de Oliveiraone from the suspects were led by police to the site where the bodies of Phillips and Pereira were buried.

The remains of the couple were transported to the Brazilian capital Brasilia on Thursday, where they will undergo an autopsy.

The suspect is said to be involved in undeclared fishing, which is a major source of income for those who manage to catch turtles and Amazon fish such as pirarucuone of the largest freshwater fish in the world.

The valley Javari – area of ​​anarchy

Photo: Reuters

The valley area Javari along the border with Peru, it has a reputation as an ungovernable wilderness, where, in addition to illegal fishermen, there are also illegal foresters and miners who are increasingly encroaching on the Amazon rainforest and the richness of its natural resources, endangering the existence of indigenous peoples.

The valley Javari is also considered one of the main drug smuggling routes en route to Peru, making it many ugibajo, Yes behind the double murder stands one from these dangerous criminal groups.

“Crime thrives where it exists feeling, Yes no one is watching – and this is the valley Javari he said Alexandre Saraivaa former police chief regions. “Whether it’s drugs, illegal fishing or illegal forestry, these groups work together.”

Phillips, 57, and Pereira, 41, visited local indigenous communities in this far west of the Brazilian Amazon. Phillips was writing a book on the sustainable development of the Amazon as they returned from the field to the city after four days Atalaia to Northbut their boat was intercepted by killers and killed.

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