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Congress plans to reform the pension system in the midst of conflict between the government and AFP



The Chamber of Commerce and the Senate Labor Relations Commission have already begun preparing discussions on pension reform in the midst of a struggle between the government and the AFP Association. Senator Moreira (UDI) said freedom was “not an option” for executives, and Saavedra (PS) called for the conflict to be set aside to focus on substantive discussions.

In the middle of Conflict between Government and AFP Association over future savings for contributors The Chamber of Commerce Labor Relations Commission and the Senate are discussing pension reform.

It should be remembered that Under Secretary of Social Welfare Christian Laline assured this Thursday that “there is no room for AFP to participate in today’s model.”

These statements prompted the reaction of Alejandr Cox, President of the AFP Association. “The doubts about workers’ property regarding their savings have revived.”

“Without the need to approve the draft constitution, (the government) is telling people to forget their choices,” said Iván Moreira, head of the UDI Senator’s bench.

“Freedom is not an option for this government.” Added a member of parliament who is also a member of the Senate Labor Relations Commission.

Criticism of AFP: “Business is exhausted”

You need to remember that the executive confirmed that The funds saved by the workers are not affected.

However, if approved by both parliaments, workers will need to contribute to the new system. So far, the model proposed by the government has been known to be tripartite, and it is necessary to discuss how the private sector participates.

Deputy Andres Giordano (IND-RD), a member of the Labor Relations Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, has severely criticized AFP.

“Alejandr Cox and the AFP Society are lying. They are not interested in property or worker debates. The only thing they are screaming into heaven is that they are out of business. is.” He insisted.

Conflict between government and AFP: “It’s not good for the previous discussion”

From democratic socialism, they are also for the end of AFP, but they showed it The executive branch must do rigorous pre-legislative work to unify its status.

Senator Gaston Saavedra (PS) said, “At the AFP’s estimated 10%, we have no intention of moving towards a pension plan that guarantees a better amount in the future.”

Similarly, he emphasized pointing out the dispute that Vice-Minister Larain would fall into. They “do not go well with the pre-discussion that must be given regarding architecture” of the pension system.

Government will continue to hold meetings with various AFPs to assess the role that AFP can play in future pension models.

Source: Biobiochile

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