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General strikes will be called in all Codelco departments after the closure of Ventanas is announced



The Copper Workers’ Federation Announced that preparations have begun this Saturday general strike In all departments of Codelco In response to a government announcement that it has proclaimed a process to close the Ventanas Smelter as a result of the environmental and health impacts caused by production activities in the Kintero and Puchunkabi areas.

“As the Federation of Copper Workers, we faced the announcement of the closure of the Ventanas Smelter by President Borick’s government and Codelco’s board of directors (…) From this moment on, all departments of Codelco will begin preparing for general strikes. ” They said in a statement.

“We support the current government because it has promised copper workers to promote our country’s industrialization, especially to promote and develop public smelters and smelters. Today we oppose your decision and fight Not only for our work and family, but also for our departments, especially the Ventanas Foundry, “they said.

They also said, “Copper, our main resource, is Export as a concentrate should be stopped. On the contrary, it must be melted and refined in our country. ” ..

“It is a pity that Codelco is solely responsible for the environmental episodes of Puchuncaví and the Kintero region. We are in solidarity with the affected communities For the same reason, Ventanas demands the government the resources it needs to make investments to improve current gas collection standards, “they guaranteed.

FTC has shown that Ventanas is currently compliant with environmental standards and is targeting other companies. “This week, despite the shutdown of the smelter, there was a new environmental accident that was believed to have been caused by another company set up in the area,” they emphasized.

Source: Biobiochile

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